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Understanding Attractive Nuisance Injuries

By Rafael Romero |

On October 11, 1993, a six-year-old boy in Utah was playing hide and seek with friends at a nearby development. As they ducked in and out of partially constructed houses, the young boy backed into a hole in one of the floors, resulting in serious injuries. His mother sued the builder under the theory… Read More »

Drinking and Driving the Leading Cause of Wrong-way Driving Accidents

By Rafael Romero |

From Arizona to Florida, wrong-way drivers are killing innocent people by traveling the wrong direction on major highways and interstates. The nation has taken notice of this in the wake of the March 12, 2016 collision involving fallen Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy, John Kotfila, Jr. According to a survivor, Kotfila raced his cruiser around… Read More »

Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Rafael Romero |

You may have heard the term, “pro se.” This term just means “for self.” In the legal world, a pro se litigant is someone who represents himself in a litigated case. This means drafting and filing documents and appearing in court without the benefit of an attorney. There are times when this is perfectly… Read More »

What you Should Know About Taxes and Personal Injury Lawsuits

By Rafael Romero |

If you have a personal injury lawsuit, you may be looking forward to a large financial recovery. Perhaps you are already considering how you will use the funds. Perhaps you need to pay off large medical debts that have plagued you for years. Maybe you require certain expensive medical assistive devices, such as a… Read More »

More Motorcycle Crashes Than Usual: Extended Winter Warm Weather Partly to Blame?

By Rafael Romero |

According to The Weather Channel, the current El Nino weather pattern sweeping the nation has resulted in unseasonably warm winter conditions throughout the U.S. In Florida, temperatures have remained well into the 80s all through December. Although this warm winter is slowly winding down, from Maine to Michigan, motorcycle enthusiasts can still be found… Read More »

Res Ipsa Loquitur – What It Is And Why You Need To Know

By Rafael Romero |

You may have heard people talk about negligence, whether at work or in conversation. No doubt, you may have heard one of the many attorney advertisements on television or the radio, explaining that you have rights and may be entitled to recovery from an accident. But did you know there are actually types of… Read More »

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