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Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys at Romero Law Firm are here to represent you. Just like motorists, bicyclists have a right to use Florida’s roadways. Cycling is a healthy and fun way to get around that allows you to enjoy Florida’s beautiful sunshine. Unfortunately, a reality of sharing the road with larger, heavier, faster cars is that bicycle accidents do happen, and when they happen cyclists can be seriously hurt. If you are hurt in a bicycle accident, you need the help of a Bradenton bicycle accident attorney¬†who is familiar with these cases and who will fight for your rights.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Serving Bradenton

The Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida developed the Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Safety Plan for the Florida Department of Transportation. This plan analyzes information regarding bicycle and pedestrian accidents and makes recommendations as to how our roads could be safer for these important users. The numbers in the report are shocking. Florida’s bicycle fatality rate is nearly triple the national average. While our state only represented six percent of the country’s population in 2011, it was responsible for 17.4 percent of the country’s bicycle fatalities that year. Seek the legal representation of a trusted Bradenton bicycle accident attorney.

Costs of Bicycle Accidents

The costs of a bicycle accident can be extraordinary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), while only 1% of all trips taken nationwide are taken on bicycles, bicyclists still have a higher risk of crash-related injury or death than those traveling in motor vehicles. Almost 800 bicyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2010, and approximately 515,000 wound up in emergency departments because of their injuries. Information from 2005 showed that at that time injuries to bicyclists cost $5 billion just in medical costs and productivity losses. Depending on the severity of an accident, victims of these crashes can face long-term rehabilitation costs and long-term care costs. If a crash causes permanent or even long-term temporary disability the victim may need to make expensive modifications to his or her home in order to make it more accessible. Parents involved in these accidents may find themselves with additional childcare costs as they recover. Some accident victims miss work, while others may never be able to return to their old jobs, resulting in lost wages or lost income potential.

Bicycle Accidents Often Caused by Driver Negligence; Contact the Trusted Bradenton Bicycle Accident Attorneys Today

Every driver who gets on the road has a duty. Their duty is to follow the rules of the road and drive in a safe and reasonable manner. When a driver breaches that duty, that is, does not fulfill it, and he or she causes a bicyclist to be injured in the process, the driver has been negligent and the bicyclist may be entitled to financial compensation. This can be a situation where a driver causes a collision by failing to look for cyclists before making a right-hand turn, or even a situation where a careless motorist opens his or her door in front of a cyclist, causing an accident. Another potential cause of bicycle accidents are improperly maintained streets and bicycle paths. Dangerous conditions can lead to serious consequences. If you are involved in a bicycle accident in Florida, call the Bradenton bicycle accident attorneys at Romero Law Firm at 877-ROMERO-1.

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