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Motorcycle accidents can have life-changing consequences. Even relatively minor accidents can result in serious injuries, and in the worst case scenario these accidents can be fatal. Due to complex insurance laws, it can be especially difficult to recover from the at-fault party’s insurance company after one of these accidents. Our experienced Bradenton motorcycle accident attorneys are fully versed in the insurance laws. Additionally, it may not be immediately clear who exactly is at fault. While you may think that your insurance company should be on your side, it has its own financial interests to be concerned about. That is why you need to speak with an experienced Bradenton motorcycle accident attorney who will be on your side and can give you the best advice as to how to proceed.

Motorcycle Accidents Are Very Common; Be Represented by Trusted Bradenton Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

According to Ride Smart Florida, motorcycle accidents are up in the Sunshine State. The total number of both motorcycle crashes and injuries statewide doubled between 2000 and 2008. Things improved for a couple of years, but then the number of accidents began to climb again. The most troubling statistic has to do with the number of these accidents that turn out to be fatal. While in 2013 motorcycle accidents only made up 3.1 percent of traffic crashes in the state, they made a whopping 19.2 percent of the fatalities.

The immediate costs of any accident are obvious—medical bills. But throughout the recovery process there may be additional costs that you might not initially think about. Many motorcycle injuries can involve prolonged physical therapy. If a head injury is involved there may also be other types of rehabilitative therapy required. If the rider requires the use of a wheelchair or suffers some other disability, then there may be modifications that have to be done to his or her home in order to make it more accessible. There is the issue of lost wages either due to temporarily missing work, or due to an inability to ever return to his or her job. All of these costs add up over time and make accidents much more expensive than they may initially seem, let the Bradenton motorcycle accident attorneys help.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Bradenton

Just like other vehicles on the road, motorcycles are covered by Florida’s “financial responsibility” laws. These are the laws that most states have that require you to have liability insurance that covers a certain amount of property damage and bodily injury of other individuals you may injure in an accident. Unlike the four-wheeled vehicles on the road, however, PIP insurance rules and requirements do not apply to motorcycles. PIP stands for personal insurance protection, often called no-fault coverage. Drivers who have PIP insurance and are hurt in an accident can receive the benefits of their insurance regardless of who is at fault. Motorcyclists cannot be covered by PIP insurance in Florida. However, this means that they are not restricted by the coverage and, when they are not at fault, they may be in a better position than other motorists to recover against the other, at-fault driver. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida, call the Bradenton motorcycle attorneys at Romero Law Firm at 877-ROMERO-1. We are prepared to help you recover compensation for any damages you suffered. In addition to motorcycle, we handle auto accident, truck accident, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents.

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