Bradenton Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorneys

Being involved in traffic accidents is never easy. Even when both sides are properly insured you may have to fight for the compensation to which you are entitled. When the other motorist is uninsured or underinsured you may wind up with an even bigger fight on your hands. That is why you will need the help of a Bradenton uninsured motorist attorney.

Many Motorists Do Not Have Insurance

A shocking number of Florida motorists are uninsured. According to a 2011 report by USA Today, nearly one out of every four (24 percent) Florida drivers is uninsured. This is compared to a nationwide number of roughly one out of every seven drivers having no insurance. Of course, insurance can be quite expensive. This means that in times of economic hardship the number of uninsured drivers on our roadways tends to increase. Additionally, some of the most dangerous drivers on the roads, like those with multiple drunk driving or reckless driving convictions, may also be driving without insurance or even a valid driver’s license. When one of these uninsured motorists causes a traffic accident and you are injured, that is when your battle begins. Let the trusted Bradenton uninsured motorist attorneys help you with your case.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Attorneys Serving Bradenton

Among those who are insured, many drivers have uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance is designed to cover you and your passengers if you are injured by an uninsured driver. These policies can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. A closely related type of coverage is underinsured motorist coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage would activate when the person who injures you has insurance, but his or her policy does not cover all of the damages caused by the crash. The problem, of course, is that these plans are administered by insurance companies who all too often believe their primary objective should be to collect premiums and make money, rather than paying claims. Even your own insurance company may prioritize its own profits over your best interests. That is why, even though these cases seem like they should be simple, you will likely need the assistance of an experienced Bradenton uninsured motorist attorney to obtain the compensation you are entitled to for your claim.

Insurance Company Tactics

There are a few tactics insurance companies may use to try to get out of paying your claim. The first is simply denying your claim and forcing you to jump through the hoops of the appeals process to try to get it paid. They may also try to claim that the policy was not in effect at the time of the accident. Or they may try to get you to settle for some amount that is less than what you are entitled to before you get a personal injury attorney involved on your side. Fortunately Florida, does have a bad faith law that can lead to an unscrupulous insurer being held financially responsible for all of your damages regardless of any policy limits if they do not act in good faith to settle a claim in a timely manner. This law is a tool we can use to force many insurance companies to come to a fair and reasonable settlement.

If you are involved in an uninsured motorist accident, call the Bradenton uninsured motorist attorneys at Romero Law Firm at 877-ROMERO-1. We have experience handling these types of claims, as well as motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and truck accidents, and are prepared to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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