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Your Claim May not be Barred – Understanding the “Discovery Rule”

By Rafael Romero |

Victims of negligence in Hillsborough County or surrounding areas of Florida may often feel they have let too much time pass without filing suit. Relatives or other trusted friends might have told them they only have two years to file a lawsuit. Sadly, for this reason many people decide not to try. They give… Read More »

Elmo Walks Free: The Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against the Man who Voiced Sesame Street’s Elmo

By Rafael Romero |

Personal injury attorneys are constantly warning clients about strict time limits on filing claims. It is in television advertisements, engagement agreements, and it is almost always discussed during the initial consultation. But sometimes a good example is the best way to show the disastrous effects of not taking swift action. We all remember our… Read More »

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