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Tag Archives: Obvious Negligence

Res Ipsa Loquitur – What It Is And Why You Need To Know

By Rafael Romero |

You may have heard people talk about negligence, whether at work or in conversation. No doubt, you may have heard one of the many attorney advertisements on television or the radio, explaining that you have rights and may be entitled to recovery from an accident. But did you know there are actually types of… Read More »

Even Obvious Negligence can be Difficult to Win in Court

By Rafael Romero |

Floridians injured due to negligence often contact personal injury attorneys, sometimes claiming that their cases are “obvious” or “slam-dunks.” While this can be true at times, lawsuits are rarely slam-dunks – even the seemingly obvious ones. This is because injury laws are quite complex, and the rules require skilled legal counsel in order to… Read More »

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