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Hit and Run Accidents All Too Common in Florida

By Rafael Romero |

Just recently, a woman wanted in connection with the hit-and-run death of a tow truck driver on the Howard Frankland Bridge turned herself in. This story comes at almost the same time as the Florida Highway Patrol’s campaign, “Hit and Run – Bad to Worse.” The accident highlights a real threat in the Bay… Read More »

Recent Pennsylvania Appeal Illustrates how Hospitals use Contractors Instead of Employees in Order to Avoid Liability

By Rafael Romero |

When you go to a hospital here in the Bradenton area, you probably assume that the doctors who are treating you are either employees of the hospital or have some form of relationship with that facility. Perhaps the physician is wearing a white coat with the hospital’s name on it, wearing a hospital-issued badge,… Read More »

Nursing Homes Commonly Use Arbitration Agreements to Avoid Trial

By Rafael Romero |

When you take a loved one to a nursing home, there are plenty of forms and paperwork to complete. There will be admissions papers, disclosures, release forms, and likely plenty of legal disclaimers and waivers, all with significant fine print. Most people are shocked to learn that often buried in the fine print is… Read More »

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