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Who is to Blame for Rising Motorcycle Fatalities?

By Rafael Romero |

Go to any motorcycle blog or social media post about motorcycle crashes, and you will probably see a heated debate over who is to blame for most crashes between cars and bikes. On one hand, riders are quick to point out the need to watch for motorcycles, as they are harder to see and… Read More »

More Motorcycle Crashes Than Usual: Extended Winter Warm Weather Partly to Blame?

By Rafael Romero |

According to The Weather Channel, the current El Nino weather pattern sweeping the nation has resulted in unseasonably warm winter conditions throughout the U.S. In Florida, temperatures have remained well into the 80s all through December. Although this warm winter is slowly winding down, from Maine to Michigan, motorcycle enthusiasts can still be found… Read More »

Three Easy Tips for Avoiding Bike Accidents in the Sunshine State

By Rafael Romero |

If you travel through the Midwest or New England during the summer or early spring, you will likely see signs posted on lawns, signs in windows, and even car decals, all warning drivers to “watch out for motorcycles.” Some have clever sayings like, “two eyes, two wheels; you do the math!” These aggressive safety… Read More »

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