After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can be devastating experiences resulting in damage, injury and even death. Florida has the highest rate of bicycle deaths in the country, so it is especially an issue here. The best way to handle a bicycle accident is to attempt to avoid one completely and minimize injuries. Therefore, you should always wear a helmet and other safety gear. Cyclists also need to follow all of the same traffic laws as cars so make sure that they are obeying traffic signs and signals. However, even with all the safety precautions in the world, sometimes accidents happen. If you are in a bicycle accident, there are some things that you should do to help preserve your rights in case you decide to file a claim.

Emergency Medical Attention

Hopefully no one at the scene will need emergency medical attention, but if they do, getting stabilized is the first step. Keep in mind that some injuries are not obvious and may take a little bit of time to develop. If there is any question of even minor injuries then you should contact emergency medical services as soon as possible, especially with head or spinal injuries.

Report the Accident

Florida law requires people involved in bicycle accidents to report to the police any accidents that lead to over $500 worth of property damage or injury. Even if you do not think that your accident involved $500 worth of damages, you should still report it to the police. It can be very helpful to have an official record of what happened if you decide to file a claim later. You should also report the accident to your insurance company if you have car insurance because some policies may cover a bicycle accident.

Contact a Knowledgeable Bicycle Accident Attorney

As soon as possible you should contact a qualified bicycle accident attorney and they can give you specific information for your circumstances. They can also inform you of your rights and options regarding filing a lawsuit. Also keep any information that was given to you by the police such as a citation or ticket.

Collect Evidence

It is important to hold on to anything that may be evidence of the accident. Keep your bike and helmet and any other debris from the accident. Do not wash your clothes from the accident. You should also take pictures of any damage and injuries that you have.

Regarding medical records, it is important to have as complete a document as possible so keep track of all the medical practitioners that you see. If your car insurance policy does cover you then you should direct your doctors to send the bills to them.

Bradenton Bicycle Accident Attorneys

If you are in a bicycle accident you should contact a skilled bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys at the Romero Law Firm in Bradenton, Florida can help you to get the damages that you deserve.

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