2015 the Deadliest Year for Pedestrians in Hillsborough County

Florida the Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

Perhaps contrary to what one might assume, the most dangerous places for pedestrians are not Chicago, New York or even Los Angeles. In fact, New York Metro ranks 50th, Chicago is at 38th, and L.A. only gets up to 27th place. So where are the riskiest places to travel on foot? Florida. Indeed, the Sunshine State has the dubious distinction of being home to the four most dangerous places for pedestrians, according to the New York Times, which recently reported data provided by the nonprofit group, Transportation for America. In order from first to fourth are Orlando, Bradenton, Jacksonville, and Miami.

Why the High Number of Pedestrian Deaths in Florida?

While there is no definitive answer, anecdotal evidence suggests that high pedestrian injury and death rates might be attributed to several factors. First, Florida has year-round good weather. As such, our state is home to many outdoors activities that encourage people to get outside and walk all year long. Unlike New York or Chicago, where residents are unable to spend extended time outdoors for several months each year due to inclement weather, Florida residents and visitors get to be outside all the time.

While each metropolitan area of the state may have different factors to consider, Florida on the whole is a seasonal home to over half a million long-term visitors each year. Likewise, with many theme parks and attractions that draw visitors from all over the world, Florida welcomes many people each year who are unfamiliar with our traffic laws and who might not be familiar with their surroundings. Finally, with the rapid growth of cities like Bradenton and Jacksonville, there are often problems building adequate sidewalks and pedestrian friendly walking areas.

Staying Safe on Foot

When walking to work or to and from attractions, it is important to keep your eyes open and remain alert. Many people now use smart phones to traverse unfamiliar territory. And while walking directions can be very helpful, it is best to plan each path in advance, walk to the next point, and then pull out the phone to check your next direction of travel. You are just welcoming an accident if you walk with your head down looking at a map or phone. Similarly, wear bright clothing and try not to walk on or along busy roadways late at night, when drivers may be fatigued or intoxicated, or when visibility is at its worst.

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